Public Health Summit

Advanced Medical &

Intern With A Hospital And Diagnose Real Patients

Meet With Medical School Admission Experts

Become An Ideal Candidate For Acceptance Into The Country's Top Medical Schools

Diagnose Patients Using

Cutting-Edge Technology

Use Virtual Reality To Step Into A Clinic In Nigeria And

Help Physicians Diagnose Their Patients

Explore the Nation's Capital With Exclusive Tours

Visit Specialized Medical Facilities And Historic Sites In Washington, D.C.

Receive Real Certification in First Aid, CPR, and AED

Train With The Red Cross And Expand Your Medical Experience

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Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship Summit

The Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship Summit is a seven-day program at Georgetown University. This first-of-its-kind program pairs motivated high school students with medical pioneers from across the globe with the goal of training the next generation of doctors in the fields of emergency room medicine, surgery, medical research, & sports medicine.

In this accelerated internship, students will spend each day working with medical and health professionals, visiting top medical facilities and becoming certified in First Aid, CPR, and AED.

Students will receive their choice of specialized training from Washington, D.C. Paramedics, Pediatric Surgeons, NIH Research Staff, and a Georgetown Division 1 Athletics Trainer.

For their final project, students will study the four most common diseases in developing countries across the globe with international medical experts. Using Microsoft and Facebook’s Oculus Rift technology students

will then diagnose a patient in sub-Saharan Africa with a doctor in real time and recommend a treatment.

Through our exclusive partnership with the Howard University Simulation Center, students will have the rare opportunity to perform an upper endoscopy, an abdominal ultrasound, and learn how to perform a phlebotomy using state-of-the-art-simulation units.



Summit Dates:


Rising Freshman To Graduating Seniors

7 Days

July 11th - July 17th or July 18th - July 24th, 2021

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.


$3400 *65 Financial Assistance Scholarships Are Still Available

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Intern With A Hospital And

Diagnose Real Patients

Create A Real Public

Health Campaign

Meet With Medical School

Admissions Officers

Work Directly With Leading

Medical Experts

Students will intern for the The Nagari Hospital & Maternity Ward learning directly from leading doctors in both the United States and the developing world. Students will meet directly with patients to identify their illness and recommend treatments.

This internship is ideal for any student who wants to add practical medical work experience to their resume, allowing them to discover their passion in the field of medicine.

Leadership Initiatives interns will work with doctors and medical health experts from both the developed and developing worlds to create a public health campaign. This campaign will target communities in Nigeria and will be published and widely distributed.

This in-depth public health training is an important first step towards a career in the medical field.

Students will work directly with doctors from international organizations and medical experts in the fields of Surgery, Neuroethics, Sports Medicine, Emergency Medicine, and Public Health from the nation's premier hospitals and medical institutions.

Students will walk away from the program with direct experience and knowledge to begin a career in medicine.

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with top universities around the country to form our Medical School Admissions Panel to provide students with a firsthand account of what universities look for in their accepted students.

Students attend an exclusive Q&A with Medical School Admissions Officers from Harvard, Dartmouth, Georgetown, George Washington, and Johns Hopkins University.

At Howard University’s State-of-the-Art Medical Training Facility

Medical Training

Conduct An Ultrasound

Use State Of The Art Robotic Patient Simulator

Learn How To Draw Blood

Students will gain training on how to draw blood using a phlebotomy arm simulator. The arm provides a realistic tissue feel and vein wall to assist with the training. Students practice placing a needle in the vein to draw blood. During this procedure, the medical facilitator will walk students through blood-drawing techniques and improve the communication skills they will use with future patients.

The SimMan 3G resides in a fully equipped simulation operating room and will provide students with an opportunity to understand complex medical situations like seizures without risk to patients. The simulation robot will reinforce skills they learn throughout their time at the summit.

Students will receive an introductory course on ultrasounds and learn the cognitive skills that are needed to interpret the ultrasound image, develop psychomotor skills, and learn how to handle an ultrasound probe on a manikin-based ultrasound simulator.

Using Oculus Rift Technology At The Ngari Hospital & Maternity Ward in Bauchi State, Nigeria.

Diagnose A Patient

Work Directly With Leading Doctors

Learn How To Identify Diseases In Real Patients

Use Next Generation Medical Technology

Using Oculus Rift Goggles, students will be transported to a hospital in Bauchi State Nigeria, where they will be able to interact with patients in real time. Using a doctor in Nigeria as an extension of themselves, students will examine and diagnose a patient who cannot afford medical care.

Every patient diagnosed by a student will receive free medical care that they would not otherwise be able to afford.

Students will receive advanced diagnostic training on the four leading causes of death in Northern Nigeria: malaria, typhoid fever, nutritional anemia, and acute respiratory infections (ARI).

Dr. Aisha Garba, who has over twenty years of experience treating patients in the developing world, will teach interns how to diagnose patients in desperate need of medical treatment.

Meet With The Nation's Top Surgeons, EMT's, Medical Researchers, and Physical Therapists

Learn From Medical Experts

Choose Your Field Of Expertise

On-Site Doctors For Continuous Medical Training

Exclusive Field Trips & Medical Seminars

During the conference, students will have the opportunity to visit Georgetown University Hospital, the National Institute of Health, Howard University's School of Medicine, and more to interact with medical experts directly in the field.

Leadership Initiatives will also host three medical seminars with experts from across the United States, bringing students in direct contact with the future of medicine.

A licensed doctor will be on staff and staying in the dorms with the students allowing medical training to continue well after 5pm. The doctor will teach additional courses in suturing, diagnosing patients, and using medical equipment.

Students will work with medical specialists in the fields of surgery, emergency room medicine, medical research, physical therapy, and sports medicine.

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Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship

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Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship

Advanced Medical & Public Health Internship

July 11th - July 17th

July 18th - July 24th

Georgetown University,

Washington, DC

Georgetown University,

Washington, DC

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