Gain Real-World Experience And Targeted Skills In Business Development

International Leadership &

Business Internship Summit

Start a Real Business in the Developing World

Work With A Real Start-Up Business To Create A Logo, Marketing Strategy, And Business Plan

Collaborate With Leading Industry Experts

Work With Georgetown University Business Professors, CEOs, And Business Leaders

Work with College

Admissions Experts

One-On-One Application Assistance And Meetings With Top University Admissions Officers

Create a Business Plan and Professional Portfolio

Showcase Your Experience, Capability, And Potential For Employment Opportunities

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The International Leadership And

Business Internship Summit

Launching A Real Start-Up

The Leadership Initiatives Advanced Leadership & Business Internship is taking our first-of-its-kind accelerated internship to the next level. Students will choose a start-up business from the developing world to partner with. During this program, interns will learn how to skillfully build a business while simultaneously calculating risk – the essentials of constructing a successful enterprise.

Student participants will work closely with Georgetown University professors and business professionals in writing business plans, developing research skills, as well as learning teamwork, proper oral presentation techniques, and critical communication skills.

Along with guest speakers and interactive panels, interns have the unprecedented opportunity to interact with some of Washington’s top business leaders. These experts will lead a series of skill-development workshops to help students create a business plan for our own “Shark Tank” style presentation. Each

student-proposed solution will be implemented by the Nigerian start-up with a full grant from our sponsors.

Interns will work with others from around the world for this extraordinary opportunity to step into the role of a global entrepreneur. During this intensive program, students will learn from experts about business analytics, marketing planning, customer and market insights, as well as study the art of cross-cultural communication - all online.

This curriculum will ensure that all students are well on their way to their future career in international business.


Summit Dates:



Rising Freshmen To Graduating Seniors

14 Days

June 20th, 2021 - July 3rd, 2021

12:00 to 5:00 pm EST





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Launch A Start-Up

In The Developing World

Work With CEOs And Georgetown's

Top Business Professors

One-On-One Meetings With Yale

And Brown Admissions Officers

Use Grant Money From Top

Sponsors To Create A Business

Students will intern online with the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute and work directly with one of four potential start-ups in their area of focus.

Focus areas include fighting hunger, technology and innovation, empowering women, and business expansion.

This internship takes you from ideation to launch, and challenges you to make the critical decisions that every successful entrepreneur faces.

Students will be partnered with leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, and Lockheed Martin to create revolutionary solutions to the problems their start-up is trying to solve.

Students will take online classes from the Georgetown University McDonough School of Business's top professors on how to create a business plan, develop a marketing strategy, and gain targeted skills in finance, operations, and policy.

Interns will allocate seed money for their business partner using a grant from our top sponsors.

Program participants with work with business owners to finalize the company's name, establish their brand, execute their marketing plan, and even decide the products they will sell.

Students' top solutions selected by the grant committee will receive additional funding over the course of one year to implement new services for their business partner.

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with top universities around the country to form our Online College and Business School Admissions Panels to provide students with a firsthand account of what universities look for in their accepted students.

Students virtually attend an exclusive one-on-one meeting with former admissions officers from Yale, Dartmouth, and Brown University to create the perfect college application.

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Create a Business Plan, Logo, Website, and Marketing Initiative for a Start-up Business

Launch A Real Business

Determine How The Business Will Launch

Students will intern with the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute at Georgetown University and work directly with one of four start-ups.

Interns will work directly with CEOs, marketing experts, venture capitalists, web designers, and more to create a business plan to launch a real business in the developing world.

Each internship team will determine how their business partner spends seed money given to launch their new business. Working in teams, you will develop your business idea while creating unique solutions to market problems facing the community your business will launch in.

Guest speakers and Georgetown professors will guide you through key focus areas of the launch as you learn to interpret market feedback, test your assumptions, and overcome challenges.

Implement Business Solutions With Industry Experts

Expert Mentors

Work One-On-One With Industry Leaders

Career Consulting Sessions From Business Pioneers

Summit participants will attend career counseling sessions with Fortune 500 CEOs, allowing students to understand how to create a career plan for several industries.

2020 panels will include members of major organizations like Exxon, Booz Allen, PNC Bank, NBC studios, the Peace Corps and Georgetown University.

Intern teams will have small group discussions with leading CEOs and Georgetown's School Of Business professors working with students to create innovate plans for their business partners launch.

Students will have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to help their start-up business partner improve their business venture.

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Students have a rare opportunity to work with leaders from Amazon, Microsoft, the State Department, and Exxon.

Elite Training and Experience

Specialized training from the World Bank, IMF, USAID, and the U.Sl Chamber of Commerce.

These events will allow students to learn how each corporation launches marketing plans, creates new products, and remains active within the community it resides.

Interns will train with leaders from Microsoft, Exxon, and Lockheed Martin to meet with executives to gain a deeper understanding of how multimillion-dollar decisions are made on a daily basis.

Students will create business plans, conduct customer research, developing market insights, and create a business launch plan with leading development experts.

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All-Inclusive Tuition Cost-$2250

International Leadership & Business Internship

Sample Business Schedule Sample Business Schedule

International Leadership & Business Internship

June 20th-July 3rd


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Program Tuition & Assistance




Payment Plan

Tuition covers all the expenses incurred by the internship. Tuition DOES NOT cover transportation to and from the program or any additional purchases.

Let us show you how other students use fundraising to cover some or all of their tuition costs. Make fundraising part of your personal success story.

Leadership Initiatives offers a limited number of scholarships to qualified students each year based on financial need, scholastic leadership, and personal achievement.

You may pay in full today or choose to opt into our convenient payment plan. If you have any special financial needs, please contact us directly

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