Gain Real Experience Working With Corporate Leaders And Business WorldWide

International Leadership &

Business Internship Summit

Create Solutions for Businesses in the Developing World

Work Directly With Entrepreneurs To Solve The Problems Facing Their Business

Collaberate with U.S. & International Leaders

Tour Embassies, U.S. Government Agencies And Learn From Their Leadership Teams

Meet With Business School Admission Experts

Become An Ideal Candidate For Acceptance Into The Country's Top Business Schools

Collaborate with Leading Industry Experts

Research Problems And Present Your Solutions To A Panel Of Development Experts

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The International Leadership and Business Internship Summit

The International Leadership and Business Internship Summit is a first-of-its-kind program that pairs motivated high school students with corporate leaders to develop solutions for real-world problems faced by businesses in developing nations.

Students will address challenges their business partner is facing by researching and designing potential solutions and presenting these solutions to a panel of business development experts.

Top proposals will receive a grant to enact their solutions over a one-year period.

Throughout the internship, students will connect with leaders from leading corporations including Booz Allen Hamilton, Amazon, NBC, Sysco Systems, and Exxon Mobile along with international development experts from the US Department of State, the United Nations, the US Pentagon, the International Youth Foundation, GlobalGiving, and Harvard University to develop unique solutions to problems their business partners are facing.

Most importantly, students will be able to transform the lives of their business partner and the community their business partner serves.

Students will also attend exclusive tours of the Nigerian, Swedish, Chinese, Israeli, French & Iraqi embassies each tour will have special question and answer sessions from leading embassy officials.



Summit Dates:

Rising Freshmen To Graduating Seniors

Georgetown University, Washington D.C.

$3200 *55 Financial Assistance Scholarships Are Still Available

7 Days

July 5th - July 11th, 2021



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Intern With A Business

And Solve Real Problems

Work With Business Experts

From Across The Globe

Meet With Top Admissions

Officers From Across The US

Receive Grants To See Their

Ideas Put Into Action

Students will intern with the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute at Georgetown University and work directly with one of six business owners in their area of focus.

Focus areas include fighting hunger, technology, and innovation, empowering women, business expansion, counterinsurgency, and orphan care,

This internship is ideal for any student who wants to add practical business work experience to their resume.

At the summit, students will be partnered directly with business owners in the developing world and US experts to assist the students in creating revolutionary solutions to the problems their business partners are facing.

Imagine developing solutions for a computer repair company in West Africa by partnering with an expert from Microsoft or solving problems for a security company in Northern Nigeria by working with a leader from the US Pentagon to develop counterinsurgency measures.

For participants final projects as an intern, they will present each solution they have created to a grant committee for funding.

The committee will have representatives from the United Nations, Harvard, the US Pentagon, the Future First Foundation and Leadership Initiatives.

Top solutions, will be selected by the grant committee and receive full funding to see the interns ideas for the business partner implemented over the course of one year.

Leadership Initiatives has partnered with top universities around the country to form our College and Business School Admissions Panels to provide students with a firsthand account of what universities look for in their accepted students.

Students attend an exclusive Q&A sessions with Admissions Officers from Yale, Dartmouth, Brown, Georgetown, George Washington, and American University.

Intern directly with a business owner in the developing world and create solutions to transform their community

Life-Changing Internship

Choose Your Internship Field

On-Site Development Expert

Students will work directly with Umar Muhammad, a development expert with thirty plus years of experience in international development.

Mr. Muhammaed has worked with leaders from Harvard, The State Department, Exxon, and Booze Allen to create innovative business solutions in the developing world.

Umar's work has lead to the creation of over fifty businesses created in sub-Saharan Africa.

Students choose between Fighting Hunger, Technology & Innovation, Empowering Women, Business Expansion and Counter-Insurgency.

Interns will partner with specific mentors and gain hands-on business experience designing new filtration systems for fish farms, creating advertising plans for catering shops and creating a new curriculum for an orphan care center.

Implement Business Solutions With Industry Experts

Expert Mentors

Work One-On-One With Industry Leaders

Career Consulting Sessions From Business Pioneers

Summit participants will attend career counseling sessions with Fortune 500 CEOs, allowing students to understand how to create a career plan for several industries.

2021 panels will include members of major organizations like Exxon, Booz Allen, PNC Bank, NBC studios, the Peace Corps and Georgetown University.

Intern teams will have small group discussions with leading CEOs and Georgetown's School Of Business professors working with students to create innovate plans for their business partners launch.

Students will have an unparalleled opportunity to collaborate with industry leaders to help their start-up business partner improve their business venture.

Students have a rare opportunity to meet ambassadors, trade experts, and development icons

Exclusive Site Visits

Embassy Tours and Round Tables

Exclusive Business Site Visits

Go behind the scenes to see how a successful business operates and gain a greater understanding of how your career can align with your interests and passions.

Business managers will supply insights from their own experience and guide students through the key elements of running a business during site visits.

Students will have the opportunity to tour embassies, including the People’s Republic of China, France, Sweden, Israel, Austria, Brazil, Iraqi, Singapore, South Korea, and Turkey, as well as a European Union lecture focused on international development and immigration issues.

The students will engage with experts from a diverse set of worldviews, enabling them to learn the challenges and thrills of pursuing a career in international business.

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International Leadership & Business Internship

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Advanced Law & Trial Internship

July 5th - July 11th

Georgetown University,

Washington, DC

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