In-Person And Online Summer Programs That Empower Students To Change The World

Internship Summit

Advanced Law & Trial

Intern With A Law Firm On A Case of National Importance

Business Internship Summit

International Leadership &

Work Directly With CEOs To Solve Problems In The Developing World

Public Health Summit

Advanced Medical &

Diagnose A Real Patient And Save A Life

Admissions Experts

Meet With College

Prepare For College With Test Preparation, Scholarship, And Admissions Assistance Included In All Programs

With Industry Leaders

Explore Careers

Explore Career Opportunities With Leaders From Organizations Including The FBI, Exxon, The Secret Service, And Congress

Solve Real Problems

Collaborate With Peers To

Work With Some Of The Nation's Best Students While Addressing Real Challenges And Solving Real Problems

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We Do More Than Simulations.

For more than 15 years, Leadership Initiatives has partnered with outstanding high school students to gain real-world experience, explore future careers, and develop critical skills to create the next generation of leaders worldwide.

As a nonprofit organization, we are proud to offer real internships that impact the lives of students and the individuals they are partnered with.

Leadership Initiatives offers the leading experiential education programs for high school students with endorsements from the Microsoft Youthspark Program, the Starbucks Foundation, the International Youth Foundation, GlobalGiving, TestRocker, and the Future First Foundation.

While the current COVID-19 pandemic has greatly impacted most academic and extracurricular opportunities, Leadership Initiatives has expanded our decade of experience in education to our Summer Youth Development Programs to offer real-world internship experience in both a virtual environment and in-person at Georgetown University, providing participants with the confidence, knowledge, and practical skills to make their dreams a reality.

Join us today and start an internship with a business in the developing world, work with an attorney on an impending court case of national importance, develop anti-terrorism security strategies, or partner with a doctor to diagnose patients in sub-Saharan Africa.

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We Transform Lives.



Intern With A...

Business, Law Firm, Or Hospital

Work Directly With

College Admissions Officials

Receive Essay Review Services

& Letters Of Recommendation

Take Year-Round

SAT/ACT Training Courses

Students will have the opportunity to intern with a law firm, The Nagari Medical Clinic & Maternity Ward, and the Leadership Initiatives Business Development Institute.

At the end of each program, students participate in actual court cases, diagnose real patients, and design solutions to problems facing businesses operating in the developing world!

Participants receive online one-on-one guidance from top college admissions experts. This meeting includes school selection assistance, application guidance, interview preparation, and private Q&A sessions.

The program offers exclusive online college admissions panels with admissions officers from Yale, Stanford, Brown, Dartmouth, Georgetown, UCLA, the University of Chicago and many more.

Students gain access to TestRocker, which has been featured in Forbes, The WallStreet Journal and The Huffington Post as the premier online SAT/ACT training course for high school students.

TestRocker students have increased their SAT and ACT scores by an average of 280 points and 4 points, respectively.

Our editors will expertly improve the style, clarity, sentence structure, and coherence of your application so that your achievements are noticed.

Students will also receive original letters of recommendation written by the experts they are working with. Letters will showcase how the participant transformed a life during the program.

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Our Life-Changing Programs

Advanced Law & Trial


* Intern with a nationally famous law firm

* Work on a real court case of national importance

2020 Cases Involved: The Endangered Species Act Violations, Gender Discrimination In Federal Law Enforcement Agencies, and International Terrorism

Summer 2021 Cases To Be Announced Spring of 2021.

* Learn from Georgetown University Law Professors,

Top DC Prosecutors, and Defense Attorneys

* Speak with Senators, Congresspeople and Capital

* Work with DC Police Detectives, FBI Agents, the

ACLU and more legal organizations

Hill Leaders to advocate on behalf of your Client's case

See Our In-Person Program Here

See Our Online Program Here

Watch Our Program Video Here

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International Leadership

& Business

Internship Summit

* Write A Grant Proposal and give a presentation to fund

* Work directly with top business CEO's, Development

Experts, Georgetown Professors, and Embassy Officials

Solutions for problems your business partner is facing

* Intern with a growing business in the developing world

* Proposals will be reviewed by leaders from The United

* Have a direct impact on your business partner in the

Nations, The State Department, and The US Pentagon

developing world

See Our In-Person Program Here

See Our Online Program Here

Watch Our Program Video Here

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Advanced Medical &

Public Health Summit

* Work with advanced Telemedicine technologies

* Save a life in the developing world

Medicine, or Physical Therapy

* Identify a specialty and receive a mentor from the

* Learn from doctors how to identify, test for, and treat

Malaria, Typhoid, Anemia, and Acute Respiratory Infections

* Create a public health campaign using a real grant

and have it implemented in West Africa

fields of Surgery, Medical Research, Emergency

See Our In-Person Program Here

See Our Online Program Here

Watch Our Program Video Here

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Advanced Medical

Neuroscience Summit

* Meet with individuals with Neurological Disorders &

* Explore cutting-edge Neuroscience experiments that

examine the foundations of Neuroscience

Military Veterans with Cybernetic Enhancements

* Design & present a Cognitive Neuroscience & Neuroethics

proposal in front of a panel of Neuroscience Experts

* Work directly with doctors & medical experts from

* Gain a significant understanding of Neurophysiology

top institutions including Georgetown University

& Complex Neuro-interfaces

See Our In-Person Program Here

See Online Program Here

Watch Our Program Video Here

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National Security &

Intelligence Summit

* Write a grant proposal and give a presentation to

fund a security solution for a Security Company in the developing world

* Partner with current and former experts from The

Pentagon, FBI, CIA, Secret Service, National Security Agency, and more

* Gain real Security & Intelligence Collection


* Proposals will be reviewed by leaders from the

Pentagon, CIA, The State Department, and FBI

* Learn Counterterrorism Policies & Actions taken by

The U.S. Government for Domestic and International Terrorism

See Our In-Person Program Here

See Our Online Program Here

Program Experience, Dates, Benefits, and Testimonials

2021 Program Dates And Location

College Application Assistance

Student Testimonials

Georgetown Experience

All programs take place on Georgetown University's campus taught by their top professors.

Every student receives SAT/ACT training, college essay review services, and more!

See how our summer programs have transformed the lives of our previous students.

Learn about the dorms, food services, student travel, and medical services for students.

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Program Tuition & Assistance

Program Tution

Student Fundraising Program

Assistance Scholarships

No-Interest Payment Plans

Tuition covers all the expenses incurred by the internship including room and board.

Let us show you how other students use fundraising to cover some or all of their tuition costs.

Learn about our assistance scholarships provided by our sponsors to assist with tution.

You may pay in full today or choose to opt into our convenient payment plan.

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